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           Welcome to TFCcentralNews,your daily News on Team Fortress  

 Dated:August 13,2000

We TFCcentralNews will give the latest News,Updates,Patches,Maps,Screen shots,and many    more.The site will be upgraded every hour by the hour.We have the best Clan  infomation,Matches,Ranks,links, Patches and more.What else is there to know,so we  TFCcentral Welcome you to are site and we hope you like your stay .

Counter Strike
Well we played the game and...Wow that game is very good,the killing,the guns all,also the maps,its very worth buying.



Updated:August 27,2000
I would like to wcome clan {KILLAZ} to the TFCLeague matches,
If you would like to join click here if you have a clan to put up for clan battles.

Updated:August 22,2000
There might be a set back.
well yea people there might be a setback in the TFCLeague Matches,why cause WE need clan's to enter,if they dont enter by August 31,2000 we will 1 shut down the league or 2 hold it back.

Patches updated

Updated:August 21,2000
Well people im back,AND HAPPY We had a kick ass time,and had a blast,we stayed in a 5star hotel and went to  everypark open!!!!,so im back and the site TFCcentralNews Team also we will update.NOW!!!

maps updated

Guys i wont be able to update:
this site wont beupdated because im going to a trip.
Well yea im going to Orlando for 2 days,so i wont be able to join update the site.

Updated:August 18,2000
We have a server!! Good news people we have a sever up and running.The running time will be 4:00pm till 10:00pm it is called TFCcentralNews,the rules and info is when you enter the server also the server has no lag,you see right noooo lag why you ask and how.. well thats are little hush hush :).soon we will let you book them.{Thanks to Qtracker}

Map page has been updated:

Updated:August 17,2000
We will have a server up very soon so all TFC players can play,it will be an open anyone can join and play!

       Updated:August 16,2000
Whats all the talking about the sinper's and hw guys,well people are tried of them by         saying are abusing there race to much hw guys,sinpers.Ok for are having a 1on1 and your kicking his ass and then out of no where... pop,HEAD SHOT!! that get's you mad doesnt it.also the hw's i have seen server's where there have been  to total of 13 hw's!! do you know what where you are going to end up in that game (nowhere)

Updated:August 15,2000
Dated next update-=-=

More News
When will the TFCLadder Matches start?Well the TFCLadder start in August 31,2000 we need alot of enteries So if you are a clan leader and you have a clan and would like to join the TFCLadder Matches Click here

timeupdated:6:30 August 14,2000
More news:
To all clans that would like to join plz email us with all the infomation needed to join
By that we mean the leader's your logo members,the server you will be useing etc..

If you have any news (thats true) plz email us and we will post it up.

Game News:Top 5 selling games.which can it be half-life,homeworld,Quake2,well you really wanna find out click here to view the polls.



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                         Updated:August 27,2000                                                    
               How did the line form?
                     {Thanks [Killaz]hellraiser}

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