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  31.  {More info}
Description: This map is like maps such as Rats or TurkeyBurgers. Its For TFC Though, Thats What makes it sooo Fine!! Get it! GET IT NOW!!!

   32. {More info}
Description: Lil` lava pit map with giant Cage in flag room!!

  33. {More info}
Description: It's a fun (and balanced) TFC Hunted-style map set in a large office building.

  34.  {More info}
Description: ctf map with a good sized yard good for about 10-20 players or so...

 35. {More info}
Description: A TFC CTF map with a twist. A quality map.

 36. a& {More info}
Description: A 3 team, 2Fort varient.

 37. {More info}
Description: A fast paced CTF variant, ideal for organized clan play. Learn to adapt to a constantly changing environment, or face certain extinction.

 38.  {More info}
Description: This map pack contains four TFC maps from the info_beta Graduates Section. The Pack includes: Drug Barons Escape by Mr. Bee; Seismic by Light's Bane; Sniper Zone by aXon; and TMIP TFC by <)C(>Hunter.

39. {More info}
Description: A 4 team hunted map.

40. {More info}
Description: A sniper practice range for TFC that's already getting rave reviews from sniping enthusiasts. With many times the sniping spots and many times the ambience of other sniper maps, this one is a must-have.


{Updated:August 21,2000}
{There will be more updates}