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  21. sniperza2.bsp {More info}{Screen Shot}
Description: A new addition to the Sniperza series has arrived! Sniperza2 has many new sniping spots than the original. {More info}
Description: A true TF classic! CanalZone is a territorial map based on the original canalzone for TF. It contains eight command points, with about 3 entrances to each one, and several hidden items/passages throughout the map. Each team receives a point every 30 seconds for each command point they hold, and receive 25 points for an all-cap. {More info}
Description: A fun blasting TFC map that takes place at an old well compound. Great for 8 - 16 players. {More info}
Description: A team king-of the hill map with lots of fun traps! {More info}
Description: Cap the flag in this very nicely done level by Mulchman. {More info}
Description: The Red team tries to capture the flag from the Blue. The Blue tries to stop them. For every minute the flag is on the pedestal, Blue receives 5 points. {More info}
Description: Suitable for four on four matches. {More info}
Description: The waterfront is a great TFC map for 12 to 20 players. {More info}
Description: Tinted is a fast paced TFC map for 12+ players. {More info}
Description: An awasome map similar to mulch's DM maps with a starting room for both teams and warps leading to all 11 different arenas. Great for 1 on 1 battles and building of skills in different environments. And one flag room for practicing concing and that. Really great speeds on this map.

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{Updated August 18,2000}