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11. {More info}
Description: Similar to deathbowl, the original, but with the yellow team taken out and it is now made for the red and blue guys to warp upto the stands and watch when not playing. Made two versions for people to play. Only difference between the two versions is yellow is in stands only in V1 and no yellow team in V2 and the red and blue can warp into stands. Get both versions. {More info}{Screen Shot}
Description: This awesome new level by Dr_Bones is set in the year 2105, the time when the old god's returned to the world. Two waring factions bent on the destruction of each other have allied with each Pyramid's choosen god. Be warned however, even though the Pyramids have been converted to this day, evil of old still walks through their halls. This new version features all new textures, models, sounds, sky and a large outside area. If you liked his Pharaoh's Curse, you'll love this version!

13. Fattys_Back!.zip {More info}
Description: A hunted style map across the Black Mesa Training Facility and Dam.

15. {More info}{Screen Shot}
Description: Major fix to the first version. Lighting done, paths added and changed, and no lag now. Got custom x-files music in it and is an awasome map with these fixes. There are doors that one class can go into at the other teams base, figure out which class. Also a det wall in the water entrance which can go up and down as much as you want it to. Multiple ways into base and 2 ways to flag. Check this map out.{More info} {ScreenShot}
Description: Enter the enemy Base and deactivate the lasers which guard access to their Flag.

17. {More info}
Description: Take your flag to the top and defend it. An excellent map for 2 to 4 teams. Special flag security buttons included.

18. {More info}
Description: The keep is a 2fort style map for TFC, You can ride in an APC to the enemy base or control mortar and machine gun turrets! {More info}
Description: The year is 1945 and it's total war. In this well-made 2fort, the Red Army and the "Wehrmacht" are fighting for final victory. Features lots of custom textures

20. {More info}
Description:map for TFC Open League.

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Updated:August 16,2000

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