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Welcome to the map section of  TFC,These maps are ONLY for Team Fortress Classic,
There will be More maps coming every day,If you would like to send us your map email us.  {More info}
Description: This is a crazy Rocket jumping coarse map for TFC. {More info}
Description: This is a TFC capture the flag map.

3.. {More info}
Description: Medium sized cylindrical room, for a good old death match. {More info}
Description: A new kinda of TFC map. Ever want to get in a ring and really test your gaming skills? well here is the answer! 2 soldiers enter a circle ring placed above the magma in an active volcano, only one will survive to face the next challenger.

5. {More info}
Description: This is a fairly small map for six to twelve players.

6. {More info}
Description: A TFC - CFT map with two underground bases, a minefield, two sniper towers, and many controllable cannons.

7. {More info}
Description: 2fort style map with keys to access the Enemy Flag.

8.. {More info}
Description: Run down narrow tunnels avoiding a huge drone gun while trying to capture the flag. As a sniper you can pick off enemies running down the tunnel. There are grenade respawns everywhere for some spamming fun. {More info}
Description:It includes two normal DM arenas, one with crates, a pitch black arena (very fun), and even a little sniper war joint. {More info}{Screen Shot}
Description: Take the enemy flag and return it to your capture point located in your base. Above the bridge, there is a blast engine. Shoot the button on the engine to activate it and kill anyone who may be crossing the bridge.



Updated:August 16,2000

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