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This part of the site is for the needy,in other words for people that are in need to join a clan,well TFC players we have just made it easy for you(oh how,how sir) Well all you have to do is look at the infomation of the clan and see there site(if they have one) well ladies dont get that happy,in order to join you must have skills,respect,and the stuff so dont think this is a freebie they will test you out.So just kick back relax and see if can join.


Clan{DM} {Digital Massacre}

Leader(s) {Founding Father} {DM}silver

Leader(s) {Founding  Father} {DM}dekion

Leader(s) {Founding Father} {DM}naplam

Website:Click on Logo

Stats:Look at Stats

Logo:Not yet posted.

Clan {Killaz}

Leader(s)  [Killaz]hellraiser

Leader(s)  [Killaz]Gizmo

Leader(s)  [Killaz]Rebel



{There will be more uupdates}