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1.hl1100.exe {more info}    
Half-Life v1100 (Win32)

2.10161100.exe {more info}  
{Half-Life v1016 to v1100}

3.tf5151.exe {more info}  
{Half-Life: Initial Encounter to Update}

4.10161100.exe  {more info}  
  {Half-Life v1016 to v1100}

5. hluplink.exe {more info}
Description: Half-Life combines the visceral action of legendary action games like Doom with great storytelling in the tradition of Stephen King. Named "Best PC Game" in the Best of E3 Show Awards from Unified Gamers Online, Half-Life blends action, drama, and adventure with stunning technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where players need to think smart to survive.

In order for the patches to work you must have the right version of TFC .
if you have any questions about these patches  email us.

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