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TFCLeague Matches

Well TFC players i have a list of clans that are willing to win or lose just email us
and i will set you up with a nice clan battle.(Just fill the infomation in the bottom of the page)    

Rules: Well guys the rules are easy,ok in order for a clan match to go on, this is what you need,1st you must have a working and well connected server,we do not give servers, you must find or get it.
2nd the clan matches must be even,by fact meaning the clan you wish to battle must have the same amount of players as you ex.4vs4, 5vs5,7vs7 etc.3rd ok no spaming,or leaving the the game see that a member from the ops. team starts to spam and the other member(s) lose,if you see that happens take a screen shot when the player is spamming and the team WILL be counted for a lost.Also we must have the password of the server you will play in. There will be people that  are in my website that will checking up in the match.There is no cheating at all,if we think you are cheating in any way you will be supended from your membership from the TFCLeague Matches.You also may not use a cheating server ex.there are server's that are built in with cheating codes,that is not allowed,We will pass by the server you will be playing once in a while to see how things are going,Matches:you both will agree in time zones you will be playing,Passwords:you must email us with the server password,If the server is not ready at the time of the match:well everytime you have a TFCmatch you will take turns by meaning when you battle a clan and that clan that you will battle does not have a server and you do,guess what your stuck with hosting the server,NOW if none of you have a server you must find a website that host up server's for you.
Playing fair:Try to keep the classes fair ex 7 hwguys vs 2enige's and 5 spys,hmm can you say,your gonna lose.

The Good Stuff:
ok in order to get the tfccentral clan matches you must email us,with your logo and the infomation in the bottom of the page and we will post it up in are site.After you have filled out the forms just wait for the infomation to be read and then TFCLeague with post you up then we email you,stating you have joined.

In order for you to join you must fill this form.

Name of
Team Logo ex.
Server you will play in ex.243.674.45.22345
How many members vs how many? ex.4vs4,5vs5,10vs10 etc..
Email of each of the leaders of the clan
Name of server ex.inheretfc match

Also the maps you like to play,it can only be 4maps picked 1 picks 2of any choice of tfc maps and team 2 does the same.Yea also the loser has to report that they lost :(,yea i sucks,Also you must email us with the server ip you will play in and we will put up the time you will play.You will be ranked,so players play your best and kick ass.if you have any infomation about these rules plz email us.When you have completed the form click here to join